Colleen Casey

Colleen Casey

Analyst Team

Colleen joined YSC in 2022 as a Senior Data Analyst in PE. She brings ten years of experience in organizational measurement strategies and data analysis. Prior to joining YSC she worked with a management consulting company specializing in leadership and employee engagement. During her career, she has helped organizations determine analysis strategies and gain insights that lead to positive business outcomes.

Colleen has project management, consulting and thought leadership experience.  She has supported full implementation of analysis solutions, from design and methodology to executive presentations and data distribution. She has also provided one-on-one consulting for leaders on data interpretation and understanding. Throughout her career she has participated in and authored research and thought leadership. Colleen has worked with organizations in a large range of industries, including finance, retail, insurance, energy, government, and academia.

Colleen has a bachelor’s degree in French language from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in Political Sociology from Paris I, the Sorbonne.

Outside of work, Colleen enjoys visiting museums, swimming, travel, spending time with friends and family, and film.