Cecilia Garcia

Cecilia Garcia

Senior Director

Ceci brings more than 20 years of passion and experience supporting a wide range of international clients in the areas of leadership strategy, executive team development, talent assessment, inclusive leadership, and organizational culture.

She has 12 years of experience within organizations leading talent, learning, OD and D&I functions, plus 10 years of experience as a leadership consultant. Having lived, studied and worked in Mexico, Chile, England and the United States, leading large teams in complex global organizations, has allowed her to bring her own personal experience to the world of diversity and inclusion. She is committed to helping organizations embed comprehensive inclusive leadership strategies that allow leaders to have a positive impact on their business, people and communities.

She assess, coaches and develops executives at C-Suite level and CEOs at the top of Fortune 500 organizations across the Globe. Coachees describe her style as insightful, stretching, holistic yet pragmatic.

She is passionate about releasing the power of people.  She supports leaders and organizations to create a sense of purpose, align their culture and leadership strategy, achieve sustainable change and develop world class conscious leaders. She also focuses on helping clients envision and transition to their next leadership phase and the legacy they want to leave behind.

She holds a MS Organizational Leadership from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, US,  and a, BS in Organizational Psychology from ITESM CEM, Mexico. She is a Certified Meta-Coach (International Society of Neuro-Semantics), Executive Coach (International Coaching Community), and a Diversity and Inclusion certified facilitator (Global Lead Management Consulting). She is fluent in English and Spanish.

She lives in California and is a proud mother of twin boys and a girl. She loves practicing yoga and meditation and is a true believer of the constant evolution of the human being through personal and professional transformation.

“Cecilia has helped me pinpoint where and how I can have the greatest impact and think through a plan to achieve that impact. I am still in the process and halfway through the coaching plan, but I can already see that some of the changes I have taken on board are starting to show their fruits, both for the company and my career”.


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“The coaching program with YSC has been very impactful in my development process. The coaching process, tools and more importantly the great conversations I´ve been having with Cecilia my coach, helped me to understand my personal purpose, my leadership challenges and my journey to bring this to life.”


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