Cathy Cao

Cathy Cao

Director, Head of YSC China

Cathy is Director and Head of YSC China. She has more than two decades of experience in both consulting and corporate. Her life’s purpose is to help human beings become happier, stronger, and better.

Over the last four years, she led YSC China business to gain a distinctive edge and sustainable growth in the space of premium leadership advisory in China. Cathy was the first generation of human capital consultant in modern China. She spent the first 13 years of her career with Aon and Mercer’s Talent and O.E. consulting while she established a solid foundation for both technical expertise and strategic framing. She joined PepsiCo and MSD China as regional O.D. leader when both companies expanded fast in the Greater China Region. Cathy helped both companies define China-centric Talent Strategy, designed,
and executed world-class programs to deliver double-digit growth through a rich and high-quality leadership pipeline.

Cathy joined YSC in 2018 to help reshape China’s strategy and client services. She is also the lead consultant for YSC’s global Private Equity clients. As a seasoned executive and team coach, she has accumulated rich experience with C-Suite clients. Over the last 5 years, she has focused on helping leaders with their resilience and adaptability through research and daily practices. Rooted in Asian culture, she applies Zen philosophy to deal with business challenges in today’s VUCA world. Versatile in diverse culture, she aims to help Chinese leaders to become more globally minded and exert positive influence.

Cathy holds an MBA from Kedge Business School and a B.A with English & American Literature from SISU. She is certified with the Australia Coaching Federation. Outside work, she is passionate about sports, arts and travelling around the world.

“Cathy provides sharp, edgy, and valuable insights for us during critical C-level selections in China. With sound understanding of how Asians leaders lead, she is able to provide none-biased judgement and recommendations.”

Regional Senior Partner,

Global PE

“Through working with Cathy, I developed much better self-awareness about my underlying mindset of being constant over-achieving. I learned to be self-caring, disciplinary, and compassionate, which created much difference with my ability to deal with negative emotions and resilience. I also enhanced my relationship with my lovely daughter, who is only 3-years old. Coaching journey with her is life changing”.

Regional VP,

U.S Venture Capital