Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood

Head of Solution Development

Bruce joined YSC as Head of Solution Development to support YSC’s ongoing innovation in the areas of leadership development, organisation development and leader-led transformation.

Bruce has worked both within large organisations and as a freelance consultant. His internal roles and freelance client work have been related to strategic analysis, strategy development, leadership and team development, and the leadership of complex, large-scale change programmes, which have included significant elements of capability-building and culture change.

Bruce makes sense of human experience and behaviours using a blend of concepts drawn from human neuropsychology, evolutionary biology, the science of complex adaptive systems, and Absurdist philosophy. He has particular interest in the topics of judgement and decision-making, the 4E model of human cognition, wisdom, being and becoming, and transcendence. He holds humanist beliefs and values.

Bruce holds a Masters degree in Neuroscience, plus postgraduate qualifications in Financial Analysis, Organisation Development and Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Bruce spends his personal time reading, rock climbing and trying to outwit the stock market.