A key finding of YSC’s new research into leadership impact is that businesses tend to overestimate the impact their leaders have on the people and processes around them. This would be troubling on the best of days, but is all the more so amidst tough and uncertain times.

Today’s commercial challenges are obvious and in our faces, day-to-day. And the responses they demand – innovation, efficiency and adaptability – are generally well understood, too.

But the challenge of testing times lies not just in these responses they demand, but in the fact that they also make these solutions harder to achieve. Because uncertainty can change the way people behave, and not in a good way. And in this context, understanding the real impact leaders have becomes critical.

We held an event that aimed to discuss these challenges and in the process we:

  • Presented new research that shows how businesses and leaders can inadvertently create and spread cultural toxins – unhelpful ways of behaving that poison a business’ ability to operate effectively.
  • Revealed why the real impact leaders have can be so difficult for firms to detect and develop.
  • Presented practical examples of fundamentally new approaches businesses are taking to meet these challenges and develop more effective and sustainable leadership strategies.

You can watch the video below, as well as reading our insights booklet on Making Good Selection Decisions, which complements the event.

Presentation: Selecting and Developing the Right Leaders for Uncertain Times