We still struggle to understand how to best utilise our brain’s potential to learn. This includes understanding individual differences and how to effectively address them without incurring additional costs.

YSC’s Vida Skreb provides the basics on creating the optimal conditions for the brain to learn, discusses what can hinder learning and explains how to avoid it. This is explored from the perspective of four brain functions – we usually have a preference for one or two of the four functions leading to different learning styles. Each function has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to learning.

We dive into how to build on a person’s natural strengths and overcome potential gaps to help them learn at their best and touch upon the role of emotions in supporting or hindering learning and memory and what a successful learning process would look like.

The insights are immediately applicable in practice with just a few modifications to the approach of delivering L&D programmes, whether it is in individual, group, or various types of blended learning.

Presentation: What HR Needs to Know about the Brain and Learning

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