Organisational changes and strategy implementation initiatives fail more often than they succeed – up to 70% of the time, by some estimates. The research makes tough reading.

The good news is, though, that we increasingly understand why. We have known for a while that the critical issue – the point at which change can grind to a halt – is that all change initiatives rely on the skill of individual leaders and managers to help their people to change.

Now, new research is highlighting a deep-seated underlying cause of this critical challenge. It is that the Leadership industry’s focus on how leaders behave and the competencies they have fundamentally misrepresents how leadership works and the role that leaders play.

In this webinar, YSC Director Nik Kinley, explores what this misrepresentation is and show how leadership really works. He will explain why businesses and leaders, who want to improve the success rates of organisational change and strategy implementation initiatives, need to pay less attention to how leaders behave and focus more on the actual impact leaders have.

Presentation: YSC Webinars: From Behaviour to Impact – A New Approach to Change

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