#WorkTrends: Politics at Work

On a episode of WorkTrends, Eric Pliner, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director, Americas, talks with Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman about politics at work and how we can all be more inclusive and civil. See the full article here.

Five ways to be a better leader in 2019

Sam Gilpin, Managing Director, Head of Europe, provides his thoughts on resilience in Raconteur's recent article covering ways to be a better leader in 2019. As Sam notes, resilience is about an individual’s ability to grow, adapt and perform, and it’s becoming increasingly essential to help navigate these times of change and challenge.
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How Not to Hire a CEO

Robert Morris, Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer, contributes a byline article in Coporate Board Member about common mistakes boards and companies should avoid in selecting a new CEO.
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Empowering employees to be creative

AMBICA SAXENA , Director, Head of YSC Singapore

Ambica Saxena, Director, Head of YSC Consulting Singapore, contributes to The Business Times’ “Views from the Top” column about cultivating an innovation culture.

Proven practices to coaching in the workplace

SHELLEY WINTER , Director, Global Head of Executive Coaching

In a Intelligent CIO article, Shelley Winter, Global Head of Coaching, shares how leaders can overcome the main coaching barriers and implement some simple practices to make tangible changes to team interactions.

Ted Baker founder and chief executive resigns

SAM GILPIN , Managing Director, Head of YSC Europe

Sam Gilpin, Managing Director and Head of Europe, shares his thoughts with Bdaily News on how technology and the MeToo movement impacted Ray Kelvin’s, the founder and chief executive of Ted Baker, resignation.

Performance Reviews: It's about 'how', not 'why'

Doing a performance review that will benefit both the employee and the company requires a deep level of enquiry rather than mere feedback Although dissatisfaction with annual performance reviews is widespread, such reviews can't simply be done away with. In these testing times, when every dollar counts, performance should be optimised. You could argue that managers owe it to owners and employees to do the review, and they should therefore... Read More