Leadership Resilience

Do you have leaders in place who learn, adapt and support others during change and challenging events? Are your leaders cultivating a culture of resilience across your organization?

Resilience is an important part of any organization’s leadership strategy. YSC’s unique view of resilience helps organizations to build a culture of resilience, such that people continue to thrive while preparing for, responding to and learning from periods of change and pressure. YSC’s model of Leadership Resilience forms the foundation of an integrated, customized approach to developing resilience – at an individual, team and organizational level.


variance in job satisfaction that was explained by Leadership Resilience in our research


variance in organizational commitment that was explained by Leadership Resilience in our research


variance in life satisfaction that was explained by Leadership Resilience in our research

The YSC Leadership Resilience Profiler™

YSC’s Leadership Resilience Profiler™ forms the basis for all our resilience interventions. The model is proactive, pragmatic and personalized and based on extensive research and client insights. The model focuses on five key dimensions to fostering resilience in individuals, teams and organizations. Using the model individuals learn how to equip themselves to not just survive through pressures, or ‘bounce back’, but rather to develop life-long strategies to be at their best and ready to grow and adapt through life’s changes.

Rigorous & Agile

Our YSC Leadership Resilience Profiler™ is a scientifically sound approach to assessing your individual and leadership resources around resilience. We are flexible in our approach to design to ensure our work is co-created in partnership with you to align to your context and strategy.

Professional & Characterful

We learn about your business and make sure that understanding informs the resilience interventions we recommend to maximise impact across the organization. Our team is clever, fun, quirky and diverse. We bring our fullest selves into everything that we do.


Through targeted individual interventions we build self insight around current resilience strategies and equip people to build life-long habits to establish and maintain their resilience.


Teams are a complex system within a system. Our resilience team interventions focus on social learning and targeting the complex dynamics that make up a team, to practically enhance the team’s resilience and lead the cultural tone.

Organizational Culture

We believe embedding a culture of resilience needs to start at the top of the organization. We have designed in-depth resilience interventions and tools to embed resilience at the top to create sustained behavior change which run alongside our scalable offerings to train the wider organization.

Our Resilience Offerings

Our deep understanding of resilience means that we can partner with you to transform the levels of resilience in your organization and, through this, enable outstanding business performance including during periods of change and uncertainty.

Leadership Resilience Profiler

Our Leadership Resilience Profiler psychometric can be used as a self-audit or multi-rater to identify current resilience levels and resources.

Resilience Workshops

Our range of workshops help to build resilience across an organization, with options to support immediate business challenges and sustainable recovery from crisis.

Resilience-Focused Coaching

Our resilience-focused coaching enables individuals to develop and maintain personal and leadership resilience resources and habits through a targeted 1:1 approach.

Resilience Cultures

Our scalable social learning Leadership Resilience program enables multiple cohorts at all levels to concurrently increase resilience capability across geographies and functions. The cohort approach provides cultural insights for leadership teams to leverage or address.

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