YSC partnered with a Private Equity firm on a new acquisition. The firm’s vision was to take them from a £600 million to a £1 billion company in fewer than five years. The company was strong on relationship building and keeping key clients. However, the new growth projection required them to stretch themselves and grow faster than ever before, requiring a shift in leadership capabilities.


  • Following its acquisition by the PE firm, the business had several new Executives join the leadership team and a new strategic matrix to guide its ongoing growth.
  • There was a need to match consultants and executives according to language and seniority throughout the Global Executive Team.
  • YSC was asked to ensure the executive team had the capabilities needed to drive this growth agenda and a clearer succession plan for senior Executives.
  • The PE firm wanted to understand:
    • The strengths and development areas for each Executive and the group as a whole.
    • How their leaders compare to others externally.
    • Their leaders’ capacity to develop into larger roles.


  • YSC worked with the client to frame the agenda based on the group context and identify the leadership capability requirements for the Executive Team.
  • YSC engaged in Executive Development Profiles (EDP) with each individual, both to understand them as a leader and to help them understand their own capabilities. Stakeholder feedback was collected to further our insight via 360° and stakeholder interviews.
  • YSC produced individual reports structured around the strategic capabilities required to achieve the blueprint for the client. This provided a consistent vocabulary for the client to use when describing their top talent.
  • An aggregate summary report was produced to give them information on the Executive Team as a whole, and how to shape the leadership development and possible succession planning.


  • YSC’s work provided the client with a unique perspective on their Leadership Team.
  • The individuals on the Global Executive Team were given a robust, tangible development plan to help them achieve success, based on the insights that YSC had collected.
  • The new structure of the team has helped the PE client feel more confident about their top leaders.
  • The project’s success led the Group HR Director to partner with YSC in organisational design, which has been hugely impactful.