YSC’s role was to assess the development needs of a group of high potential individuals who had been identified by the Leadership team as the future leaders of the organisation.


Launch a Fast Track Leadership Program targeting the highest potential Directors in Brambles’ global business that could move to VP roles within 1-2 years and SVP roles in the subsequent five years by providing ongoing investment, development and support. The program will comprise assessments, coaching, mentoring/sponsorship, cross functional opportunities, a large strategic project and learning sessions. Brambles wanted a provider to undertake the leadership assessments and coaching.

Each participant underwent a full 4 hour EDP assessment participant nominated up to eight stakeholders and agreed the list with their line manager and HR business partner (HRBP). The YSC consultant undertook 30 minute calls with each stakeholder to gather detailed feedback about the individual. This provided richer and more in-depth feedback for the individual than a traditional 360 tool. The topics covered in the calls were aligned to the assessment report.

The YSC consultant prepared a feedback report, summarizing the main themes and included verbatim, non-attributable comments to support each theme. The YSC consultant had a two hour feedback session with the individual to review the assessment report and feedback report.

Each individual participated in a coaching engagement lasting up to twelve months which included:

  • The development of a tailored coaching action plan, based on the individual’s assessment and stakeholder feedback. Each individual was expected to work on 3-4 key goals, including a strength to leverage. An initial four-way meeting with the coachee, their manager, their HRBP and the YSC coach was conducted to agree to the coaching goals and plan.
  • Up to 24 coaching hours was divided into 12, two-hour sessions. As part of the coaching, we included, where plausible, direct observation of the coachee leading an event or meeting in order to see the individual in action and debrief with her/him afterwards.
  • A round of stakeholder feedback 6-8 months into the coaching was done to explore where the individual had made most progress and the areas for development still needed.
  • A four-way meeting after 12 months with the coachee, their manager, their HRBP and the YSC coach to determined next steps.
  • Finally a check-in between the coachee and YSC coach was scheduled at the end of the Fast Track Program.


Participant feedback:

90% of coachees reported that their original goals were met to a considerable or to a great extent.

“The goals that were defined as the beginning of the coaching were somehow linked to the effectiveness in my existing role, which has been a real change vs what I was doing before.”

All coachees reported organisational benefits and an ability to be more effective in their role and as a result of their learnings, and 80% cited this to a considerable or great extent.

“The learnings were crucial in my current role, specifically to deal with ambiguity, understand the new cultural environment and apply new ways to deal with stakeholders, and helped me as well to settle very fast in the UK.”

“I believe I have benefited from this program in addition to my overall managerial effectiveness. In particular, working cross-functionally and influencing skills.”

A majority of participants (70%) said they would be extremely likely to recommend their coach to others in their organisation.

“The fact that YSC coaches are familiar with the senior leadership of Brambles in addition to their global cross industry experience allows them to coach us in a general manner based on best practices, but also more specifically for success within the Brambles culture.”


“Overall, a very positive experience and I feel I am a better person for having participated. I have taken a great deal from this and also know my own strengths and opportunities for development much better.”

Client Feedback

“Partnering with YSC meant a seamless integration of all the components of the programme. The coaching team took the time to understand our business and its challenges, and were keenly interested in the 3 one week modules that took place in addition to the coaching and mentoring elements, thus building the experiences participants were gaining throughout into the coaching. The programme has resulted in all of the participants from the first Cohort either being promoted to VP within the 18 months, or being moved into a significantly bigger role at Director level. We have got off to a great start with the second Group.”