Beiersdorf (BDF) is a leader in the market for skin care, with iconic brands such as Nivea, Eucerin and Curitas. YSC’s role was to support their Executive Team in Mexico enhance their collective performance. We worked with them to create a clear purpose and to build the capability and trust to lead and navigate through uncertain times.


In the context of recent structural changes in the Executive Team and the arrival of a new Country Manager, BDF requested help in diagnosing their collective strengths and development needs as a team and to accelerate the team building process and accountability.

From the findings, they were keen to define new ways to interact and to initiate a program to bridge the gaps towards becoming a high performing team.

Additional transition coaching support was requested for the new Country Manager to ensure an effective on boarding with the team and to accelerate his learning curve in the role.


YSC’s approach was collaborative and pragmatic. We worked closely with the Head of HR and the GM to ensure that the design of the interventions addressed real business needs. During our working sessions, we focused on helping them find new ways to raise their performance and impact in the organisation and to drive business results. We supported BDF by:

Understanding their present situation (High Performing Teams 360 Survey)

YSC and BDF began the process with a diagnostic of the team’s performance against the YSC High Performing Teams Model. This measures the team against five dimensions: Focus, Execution, Internal Dynamics, External Relationships and Regeneration.


YSC worked in partnership with BDF to create a number of interventions over a six month period.

  • Aligning their priorities: After analysing the survey results, we facilitated a working session with the executive team to create a specific plan to improve the team’s behaviour and performance. Plans were targeted around what was needed to deliver their strategic objectives.
  • Leading through turbulent times: Given the degree of change taking place in the organisation, we designed a workshop to create a sense of purpose, trust and coherenceband to develop their own resilience.
  • Living the purpose and using their strengths: Once they created their purpose as a team, we assessed each individual using the Hogan psychometric suite and provided individual feedback which formed the basis of their development plan. This enabled each member to build their self-awareness and knowledge of the team and to consider how they could bring more of their strengths to the table.

Executive Coaching

The GM received Executive Coaching from YSC throughout the process. This focused on creating an individual development plan, providing a space for reflection and rethinking about his leadership in the new role.

Evaluating change (360 post test):

For the final stage of the project we ran the survey again in order to measure the change. The overall performance of the team had a remarkable impact – managing to improve in all aspects of their team performance. This improvement was observed and confirmed in the qualitative feedback by the rest of the organisation and in the business results. Once all the assessments were completed, the themes from the consultant insight forms were used to create some hypotheses.

“The 360 was really useful. We had concrete data on where we were up to and how we were perceived. YSC really facilitated, they didn’t come and judge and tell us we were wrong. YSC asked the right questions to make us reflect and think about how we could be better”.  – Ainhoa Martinez, HRD


Our intervention was able to help top management to improve their effectiveness as a team, to improve their internal dynamics, their focus and their understanding of the different business areas. Their results* helped them to move their overall team effectiveness from 3.30 to 4.61 and helped make important improvements in each of the five elements of the High Performing Team Model.

“The impact of the High Performing Team Project was felt across the whole organisation. Now we are a team that is aligned and send consistent messages. The priorities are totally clear and agreed. The team cascades messages in a consistent way. We have improved in revenue and results as well and are exceeding our goals. In the day-to-day we were a group of people that got on fine, but now we really work together. There is so much trust and support for each other”. – Alex Reindler, GM