Case study

Building Conscious Inclusion With A Global Technology Organization


To support the organization’s mission and business strategy, our client wanted every member of its 20,000+ global workforce to go through a facilitative experience. This session needed to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Create a shared language and understanding of Diversity and Inclusion;
  2. Enable delegates to walk away with tactical actions that would foster an inclusive culture.

Our client wanted sessions that were inclusive in design, insightful in approach and created a sustained impact by connecting delegates and holding each other accountable for commitments post-session.


YSC designed a bespoke Conscious Inclusion session for in-person and virtual delivery.

Our facilitators had 1:1 conversations with business leaders prior to delivery to balance global consistency with local business context.

YSC facilitators were selected and paired based on the diversity of their visible and invisible identities and insight in to local culture and context.

We consulted with our client on internal stakeholder management. This helped to build broader advocacy and sponsorship for the change journey.

YSC’s data analytics team provided quarterly insights on the project’s progress and impact. This allowed us to iterate on process and content in real time to maximize impact.

We also designed a follow up session for people leaders, which aims to deepen their insight and impact at leading inclusively across a diverse workforce. Roll out of this work starts in 2020.


YSC worked with 20,000+  people across 16 countries within 18 months, including the senior leadership team who described our work as ‘game-changing’ in support of achieving their business goals.

Insights shared in the sessions has assisted our client in making more inclusive recruitment, development and engagement practices.

Session insights assisted concurrent M&A activity, as we provided leadership with perspective on how new sites were assimilating and how best to incorporate acquired companies inclusively.