Case study

Designing A Custom 360 Feedback Tool With A British Multinational Insurance Company


Following detailed work to articulate the group values as a springboard for culture change,  there was a business need to understand where and how the organization was currently showing these values and how effectively.

Beyond this there was a desire to have clear developmental understanding of how people could be more effective at displaying these values going forwards in order to make a greater contribution to the overall success of the business through greater effectiveness in showing and role-modelling these values.


A multi-rater survey was designed to reflect the degrees in which different levels of the organization and different roles would display the values to varying degrees of efficacy.

The survey required a rating out of ten for each level of each value, with additional questions asking for specific examples of how the individual displayed the values and what more they could do in the future to live the values.

To ensure that the tool met the specific needs of all the key stakeholders, two pilot processes were conducted with feedback gathered at each stage in order to further refine the tool prior to roll it out across the business.

The final tool and process was administered completely online with communications available in English (the business language) and the survey available in five different languages.

The client had access to real-time progress information via the online portal as well as receiving weekly tailored updates from the client manager to control the releasing and timing of the reports.

On completion reports were issued directly to the participants and their line managers, who also received a full guide on the specific coaching skills required to debrief 360° reports and to be able to translate the output into a tailored and personal development plan.


The tool was successfully rolled out to the senior management team who also received insight into how they displayed the values as a group (through an aggregate report, combining statistical insight and content analysis) in order to drive the business forward in line with the values.

Following roll out to the senior management team the process was adjusted and rolled out further across the business using a self-registering, automatic process allowing participants to control when they wished to participate and to align this with other business priorities.  This approach further supported the cultural change requested by the business through empowering those within the high potential group to take charge of their own development.

Participants who have participated in this 360° went away with a clear sense of how effective they are at displaying each level of the organization’s values, thus allowing them to adapt and enforce their style to display the values more effectively across all levels.

Managers were engaged in the personal development of their teams through playing a key role in debriefing the report and in supporting the creation of a development plan, whilst also practicing their coaching skills. Colleagues are encouraged to get involved in supporting others’ development while also being introduced to the values that are key to the organization’s overall success.

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