Case study

Empowering A High-Performing CEO To Develop His Team


YSC was engaged by a healthcare technology company backed by a large-cap PE firm nine months after close. While the management team was meeting their metrics, the CEO recognized they needed to take a step back to reassess how the team was working together from an operational and behavioral perspective. YSC worked with the CEO and management team to accelerate both individual and collective team performance to maximize value in line with their growth opportunity.


Shortly after acquiring two large targets, the portfolio company was pursuing a third. The relatively new CEO needed to build a lean team who could manage the scale and complexity of acquisition activity, and once that team was assembled, reactivate them so they were set up to tackle the next phase of growth. While the CEO demonstrated potential, they had limited time to establish team cohesion.

  • CEO coaching and stakeholder feedback
  • Individual leadership assessments for selection and development
  • Top team acceleration, including aggregate profiles and facilitated team sessions
  • CEO was rated as one of the top performers in the portfolio by the PE firm
  • Established recurring cadence between CEO and management team to foster relationships
  • Cross-sale to additional investors after an abridged holding period, given asset’s high performance

“I have learned a lot from you along the way. I appreciate the YSC team helping me evaluate leadership candidates and helping us create a high-performance leadership framework… Thank you for sharing your brilliance, insight, and warmth with me and our team. Looking forward to continuing to partner with you.”