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Teams and Relationships

Interpersonal relations are the vital and fundamental arteries that run throughout organisations. From one-to-one discussions to team working to corporate decision making, the quality of our relationships is correlated strongly with our ability to deliver successfully. Put simply, business gets done through relationships.

With the global and complex nature of many organisations, we have to invest even more purposefully in relationships that span teams, functions, departments, products and geographies to achieve business goals. 

However, the need for human connection goes way beyond business. It’s core to our well-being and even our survival. Studies show that people with strong and deep interpersonal relationships are, on average, happier, more satisfied, more motivated, live longer, have higher self-esteem and report living a more meaningful life. Relationships of substance are not a ‘nice to have’; they’re a must-have.

    • Respect

    • Confidence and positive belief in the other party
    • Respect for self
    • Natural comfort in each others company
    • Positive Intent

    • Commitment to mutual advantage and win:win outcomes
    • Genuinely aligned goals and outlook
    • Positive belief differences in goals can be worked through
    • Trust & Candour

    • Everything on the table - open expression of views and emotions
    • Differences faced directly
    • Consistency between agreed and actual behaviours
    • Understanding & Empathy

    • Deep appreciation of the other person and their context
    • Sound insight into make-up, drivers and goals
    • Acceptance of the feelings of others

With this in mind, we have been working with organisations for many years in the space of teams and relationships. Through research and experience we have developed a range of initiatives and interventions to:

  • Diagnose team performance
  • Create and sustain high performing teams that achieve better business outcomes
  • Improve the insights individuals and teams have of each other and the quality of their relationships

Two of our most noteworthy and impactful offerings are the YSC High Performing Team model, built on the five elements necessary for a team to perform at its best, and Real Relationships model (developed in partnership with Diageo) – the pathway to creating meaningful and productive relationships at work.

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