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The Research department at YSC is comprised of a dedicated team of qualified Business Psychologists with diverse and international research backgrounds.

We work to support client engagements, develop new tools, intellectual capital, and points of view. We apply a range of specialised research methods, both qualitative (discourse analysis, thematic analysis etc.) and quantitative (factor analysis, analysis of variance, non-parametric techniques etc.), to bring rigour to our work.

Our team manages a key source of insight - YSC’s benchmarking database that captures information about the leadership qualities and skills of more than 11,000 leaders across various industries and roles. Working closely with our clients we use this data to answer any specific questions they may have regarding leadership skills, potential and other relevant qualities of their senior leaders. We are able to generate external norms that provide rigorous insight into how our clients compare against relevant benchmark groups. We also use this data to create more general insights, uncover and explore broad leadership trends and patterns across organisations, functions and industries.

Further leveraging this data-source and partnering with clients to gather additional quantitative and qualitative data (using questionnaires, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and existing organisational materials and metrics), we undertake complex, multidimensional projects aimed at gaining deep understanding of the client organisation, discovering cultural patterns and providing pragmatic insights that go beyond what may be obvious or explicit.

We keep closely up to date on new research, publications and events relevant to the full range of YSC offerings and ensure that the latest thinking is incorporated into YSCs knowledge base, programmes, assessments and techniques. We have close links with a number of academics in high profile academic institutions including Columbia University, Oxford Said Business School and University College London.

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