Purpose, Vision and Values

Creating a strong performance culture requires all employees—regardless of level—to share a similar understanding of the organization’s meaning and purpose. YSC Consulting recognizes the value of a strong performance culture, and we work closely with leaders to develop realistic business goals that deliver sustainable outcomes and improvements over time. We gather insights from our pioneering book, Meaning Inc., in addition to our expert crafted diagnostic tools, workshops and trainings to help leaders define their organization’s purpose and the supporting values that guide them toward their desired future state.

Diversity and Inclusion

It has been our experience at YSC Consulting that diverse and inclusive cultures succeed when their outcomes are tied to the organization’s leadership strategy. All too often, we see D&I programs fail because they’re nothing more than bold statements and numbers with very little integration into the business. YSC’s approach focuses on conscious inclusion, rather than unconscious bias, where we co-create a sense of possibility, engagement, and action for leaders and individual contributors at all levels of the organization. Our trained experts work with clients to develop a D&I strategy capable of differentiating an organization from its competitors and ensuring that it’s positioned to attract the talent it needs to fulfil its future business strategies. We encourage leaders to understand the difference in social identities influencing the way employees live and work, while enabling individuals from across different teams, levels, geographies and identities to have conversations about their experiences.

Identifying Potential

Identifying leadership potential today is difficult when the context is likely to change tomorrow. Your competitive landscape, consumers’ needs, organizational strategy and technology are always in flux. YSC Consulting’s JDI Model of PotentialTM identifies the leaders with the greatest potential to succeed in a dynamic environment so that they may deliver on the organization’s desired future state. JDI is a research-based model fueled by diagnostics and a suite of tools and training resources. It integrates seamlessly with an organization’s internal leadership frameworks, enabling change that is sustainable and in alignment with future business strategies.