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Organisational Development

At YSC we regard Organisational Development as a journey that we embark upon in partnership with clients.

We support complex organisations to reach a deeper understanding of the challenges they are facing and we provide the tools and insight they need in order to adapt and to fulfil their future aspirations. Challenges faced may be internal or external and can range from major regulatory changes or an economic recession, through to changes in leadership, M&A, or low morale. In a nutshell – we partner with senior leaders, helping them to align their business strategy with their people strategy.

We approach OD work with curiosity, creative flair and flexibility. We help organisations to shape interventions that are insightful and impactful. We don’t use ‘change management’ frameworks and we do not come with preconceived ideas about what the answers are. What makes our approach unique is an in-depth understanding of people, their drivers and behavioural patterns, combined with business pragmatism and a strong commercial focus. We believe that organisational change begins with raising individual self-awareness and helping people to overcome barriers and to adapt their behaviour. Our extensive and diverse client portfolio has given us great benchmarks across different industries with regard to leadership, strategy and organisational processes.

Our clients see us as trusted advisers with whom they form enduring and authentic partnerships. We do not ‘camp’ in a client’s office or try to take over and tell them what to do. Instead, we facilitate, advise, coach and challenge to help ensure that any intervention is led and driven from within the organisation and owned at the very top. We favour a systemic approach as opposed to linear interventions. We combine top-down and bottom-up communication and encourage all levels of the organisation to engage in open dialogue. We believe in the power of stories and the importance of the past in shaping the future of a business.

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