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Leadership Programmes

Our philosophy to leadership development has evolved over 20 years working with both individuals and groups, at very senior levels, with identified talent at more junior levels, and within different types of organisations, globally. We believe that self-awareness is the cornerstone for truly evolving a leader’s effectiveness. Everyone has potential to become ‘more’ as a leader – but each will evolve into their own kind of leader, dependent on their ‘DNA’, their psychology and their experiences.

Our philosophy

Leadership development can be targeted at 'knowing' more, building intellectual insight; 'seeing' more, building insight into both our self, and what it takes to succeed within the context; and 'being' more, changing mindset and behaviours to become more effective but most importantly, to realise our own potential as a leader, to become more ‘fully expressed’

Our belief is that understanding our own leadership signature – or personalised vision of what we might become as a leader – is even more crucial than understanding the theory of leadership. And that understanding our own journey as a leader – where we come from, how we evolved, what influenced us – is crucial to mapping our future development; more so even than benchmarking ourselves against defined leadership competencies.

We focus on enabling people to connect their deeper sense of purpose and passions with their spike strengths so that they are clear about the impact that they want to make on the world. We believe this is a vital starting point. We help leaders to explore this against clear insight about what ‘great’ would look like – in a particular context, or with respect to a particular role. From this basis leaders can then understand their developmental gaps and start to build the motivation to address them.

Principles underpinning our approach

  • We recognise that great leadership development is a process that is owned within your organisation. We facilitate the process, which includes the engagement of the most senior leaders within the business.
  • Leadership development is set within the context of the organisational strategy so that individuals and groups are clear about the part their leadership plays in meeting wider goals.
  • Rich content is allied with a focus on game-changing self-insight and behavioural shifts.
  • We help leaders to think about the future transition they want to make, what impact this will enable them to have within the organisation, what could derail them and how to manage this.
  • We encourage leaders to look outside of their immediate environment to gain examples of great practice.
  • Our approach is largely experiential, workshop and coaching based, supported by self-managed learning.

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