Leadership Intelligence

How do you know if you have the talent among your leadership to achieve your organization’s future business strategies? YSC Consulting has a designated Insights Team comprised of leadership analytics experts who are adept at working with a variety of quantitative and qualitative data sets to uncover what’s working in a client’s business and what’s not. The result is valuable intelligence that provides the leadership team of an organization the insights they need to design the path forward for the business.

360 Feedback

Performance management is incomplete without multi-source feedback. At YSC Consulting, we use 360- degree feedback where employees are rated on their performance by managers, peers, direct reports and even customers. We can gather feedback from 1:1 stakeholder interviews or through survey instruments—we can custom design survey instruments or offer off-the-shelf options—that match the client’s organizational structure. We gather data and glean insights on an individual’s or team’s impact, performance and leadership signature.


The minds of leaders are complex and don’t fit neatly into the standard psychological type categorizations. YSC’s approach to psychometrics is not to label or diagnose. Instead, we integrate research-based psychometrics into our in-depth conversations with clients as a means to challenge and reflect on unhelpful behaviors that can impact the business and the individual’s overall leadership profile.