Board Effectiveness

Boards play an increasingly important role in today’s business environment. YSC Consulting draws upon our experience coaching executive leaders and their teams to uncover and resolve the underlying issues which stand in the way of healthy and effective Board dynamics. The most effective Boards move beyond governance and oversight to establish a dynamic that makes them an integral and strategic part of the organization’s success. Each Board member also carries essential relationships and responsibilities that make them uniquely relevant to the dynamic of the whole Board and their interaction with the organization’s leadership.

CEO Succession

Determining the succession of a CEO is one of the Board’s most critical and complex decisions. The Board will receive input from various stakeholders—media, investors/shareholders, leadership, the current CEO—whose perspectives can often be in conflict. YSC Consulting draws upon our history of working with many world-class brands, extensive academic research and our grounding in the behavioral sciences to reduce the risk of psychological bias. The goal is to help the Board make the best decision, ensuring the organization has a capable and inspiring CEO who can achieve the future strategies of the business.

Top Team Effectiveness

At YSC Consulting, one of the first questions we ask new clients is if they have the leadership to achieve their future business strategies. We challenge them to go beyond the individuals that make up their top talent and think about their interactions as a group operating in an unpredictable business environment. We’ve used our grounding in the behavioral sciences to develop our Change Ready Teams Profile which gleans insights that show how top talent interfaces with their peers, and if this dynamic will drive the transformational change that can deliver the organization’s desired future state.  Using this tool, we make recommendations on how to best develop your executive team, using validated team development methodologies.