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What we do

Imagine an organisation that releases the power of its people, creates true meaning for all its employees, and lives its values whilst also being able to achieve its business imperatives. 

We work with clients across their entire people agenda. This involves helping you get the right people into key roles, developing your people, benchmarking your level of talent, identifying potential and helping you put in processes to accelerate people’s growth so you have effective succession plans. We also help our clients develop high performing teams, implement business leadership development programmes and embed the values and culture necessary to achieve their business goals.

Core to our work is developing deep insight into individuals, teams and organisational cultures. We are distinctive in going below the surface and in creating interventions that drive real and profound transformational change whether at the individual or organisational level.

Our work tends to fall within these three main areas:

Individual – Our individual assessment and development work is what we’re best known for. We regard all individuals as unique with their own spike strengths and development areas. Our half-day biographical assessment methodology, aimed at senior leaders, is experienced as highly accurate and business focused by our clients and developmental and insightful by the individual being assessed. We also have a highly regarded coaching business which is staffed by a mixture of full time consultants as well as associate coaches who bring specific skills.

Team – We work with intact teams on a wide range of areas. This includes creating high performing team culture, helping teams understand the leadership footprint they exercise within their business, as well as a variety of specific leadership development interventions.

Organisation – We also work at the organisational level to help businesses identify the leadership capabilities they need to achieve their goals. We have extensive experience of helping organisations develop a sense of the purpose and values they wish to embed and the culture they need to develop in order to achieve their objectives.

Day to day, we help clients in areas such as:

  • Critical hiring decisions for senior leaders. Our half-day biographical assessment methodology – the YSC EDP – is widely regarded as the industry standard.
  • Benchmarking leadership. We conduct benchmarking assessments to help you compare your talent levels with others in the marketplace. We have assessed over 20,000 individuals across all sectors and functions over the past 20 years and have a global database against which to compare your leadership population.
  • Identifying potential. We have robust models of potential that we use to help organisations and managers identify and calibrate talent. We also have extensive experience of developing programmes for unlocking the potential of your people.
  • Creating a culture that drives business growth. We help organisations define their leadership vision and values and to get under the skin of their culture in order to drive change in a way that will underpin their business objectives.
  • Measuring change. Our online business, YSC Online, helps clients track change at the individual, team and organisational level.
  • Building a talent pipeline. Our middle-management focused business – YSC View –  is a tailored offering specifically aimed at middle managers which uses all of our expertise gained from working with senior leaders.

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