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Redefining Resilience – Webinar

by Shelley Winter
08.Feb.2017 Coaching/Online Surveys

Times are hard. Political and market volatility, digital disruption and the accelerated pace of change have created an unprecedented need for resilience in leaders and their people.

However, in the quest for greater resilience, people are scrambling for quick answers and much of the advice circulating is more a reminder of what people are failing to prioritise than genuine gems of knowledge that can be used to strengthen resilience. What’s more, many interventions targeting resilience are individualistic and confined to well-being practices. Yet resilience is more than that. In this new webinar, YSC’s Global Head of Coaching, Shelley Winter, will share why many resilience interventions may raise awareness and create good intentions but fail to enhance on-going resilience. Combining the latest research and client insights, YSC shows how resilience is a collective resource that leaders can cultivate for themselves and those around them.

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