Addressing the Agile-Inclusion Paradox

Agile working isn’t simply about speeding up existing processes, it’s about radically challenging our beliefs about how work gets done.

Performance Reviews: It's about 'how', not 'why'

Doing a performance review that will benefit both the employee and the company requires a deep level of enquiry rather than mere feedback Although dissatisfaction with annual performance reviews is widespread, such reviews can't simply be done away with. In these testing times, when every dollar counts, performance should be optimised. You could argue that managers owe it to owners and employees to do the review, and they should therefore... Read More


NIK KINLEY , Director (EMEA)

For many, if not most, businesses, success is not just about achieving targets, it is about outperforming the market. And what outperformance requires is difference: achieving competitive advantage through doing something more, or better, or just different, than competitors. Read More

360 Degrees of Grey: The Impact of Gendered Feedback

In order to promote fairness and transparency, and to reduce companies’ exposure to risk, talent management matters. Elements such as compensation, succession and development have been guided by performance management for the past few decades. Read More

YSC Events: Selecting and developing leaders in challenging times

NIK KINLEY , Director (EMEA)

A key finding of YSC’s new research into leadership impact is that businesses tend to overestimate the impact their leaders have on the people and processes around them. This would be troubling on the best of days, but is all the more so amidst tough and uncertain times. Today’s commercial challenges are obvious and in our faces, day-to-day. And the responses they demand – innovation, efficiency and adaptability – are... Read More

YSC Webinars: Building Resilience in Your Organisation

AMBICA SAXENA , Director, Head of YSC Singapore

Organisations are facing a challenge in preparing their workforce to work with change, disruption and increasing performance expectations. There is a need to embed a systemic approach to resilience to help employees deal with such challenges. In this webinar, YSC’s Head of Executive Coaching, Shelley Winter and YSC India’s Director, Ambica Saxena share with you how to develop resilience resources and cultivate resilience in others to enhance performance in times of... Read More

YSC Webinars: From Behaviour to Impact - A New Approach to Change

NIK KINLEY , Director (EMEA)

Leadership industry’s focus on how leaders behave and the competencies they have fundamentally misrepresents how leadership works and the role that leaders play. Listen to this webinar to find out why businesses and leaders need to pay less attention to how leaders behave and focus more on the impact leaders have to improve the success rates of organisational change and strategy implementation initiatives. Read More

Solid as a rock?

SHELLEY WINTER , Director, Global Head of Executive Coaching

There’s much more to resilience than simply bouncing back from adversity. We outline how YSC is helping organisations develop strategies that enable individuals to build inner strength at a time of constant change and challenges. Read More