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The Rocks

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Carmel Pelunsky

Carmel Pelunsky

Managing Director



Carmel is the Managing Director for ANZ and the Global Head of Diversity, based in Sydney. She joined YSC in 2002 in the London office.

Carmel has worked globally in assessment, coaching, team development, strategic talent management and diversity & inclusion across industries such as natural resources, retail, aviation financial services, construction, professional services, hotel and leisure and not-for profit.

Prior to joining YSC, Carmel worked for Monitor Group, now Monitor Deloitte. She specialised in customer segmentation and organisational design working in the Johannesburg, London and Athens offices. She also headed up the Professional Development of consultants throughout Europe and Africa.

Carmel holds a psychology and business degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and a masters from the Tavistock Clinic & the University of East London. She is an EMCC accredited coach.

Carmel brings a systemic lens to her work and is passionate about exploring and understanding the intersection of the individual and the system.

In 2008, she spent four months volunteering in Nepal in the not-for-profit sector combining the use of psychology and art to encourage development.