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Webinar – Talent Intelligence: Making the Most of Leadership Assessment


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Join our upcoming webinar, Talent Intelligence: Making the Most of Leadership Assessment. 

Thursday 30th March, 10:00 – 11:00am GMT+1

In this webinar, YSC Director and author Nik Kinley will share the latest thinking on how to make assessment work for your business. What the independent, academic research really tells us about which methods we should use. How to make the humble recruitment interview work. How to assess for fit rather than capability. Whether any of the recent assessment ‘trends’ are worth adopting. And – most importantly – how to use assessment data to inform broader talent strategy. Drawing upon his ground-breaking work with IMD Business School, Nik will share examples from businesses across the globe to show what firms are doing to ensure they make the most of leadership assessment, and in so doing generate real talent intelligence.

Register your place here.

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